what do condo fees include

A condominium fee is paid by all property owners of a condominium complex to cover ongoing maintenance costs. The fee is often based on the size of the condo unit and anticipated annual expenses.

Condo Fees: What You Should Know by Kahane Law Office Condominium Fees. The fees you pay to your condominium association are used for the upkeep of the property. In a single-family home, you would pay for the maintenance of your property or perform the work yourself; however, in a condominium, those duties are outsourced and as a condo owner you pay for those services through your condo fees.

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Condo fees are a significant cost when buying a condo. Do you wonder if they include the property tax as well? Watch this video as we discuss if property taxes are included in your condo fees and if you can claim the fees from your taxes.

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To get an idea of what your HOA fees may cover – and how they can protect your property values – see this overview below: 1) Ongoing maintenance and repairs. Continuous maintainance to common areas, equipment, systems and shared amenities. Depending on your community, this may include: Lawn care and landscaping; Snow removal

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What You Need to Know About HOA Fees One of the major attractions to living in a planned development or gated community is the convenience and amenities it affords the home owner. maintenance, repairs, and security are managed by the Homeowners Association (HOA); and members of the community have unfettered access to communal assets like.

What do my condo fees pay for? Exactly what your condo fees will pay for varies, but typically they will: partially cover your utilities, pay for common area maintenance and contribute to the building’s reserve fund. It’s not uncommon for your condo fees to partially cover water and hydro, and sometimes even heat.